Sunday, May 13, 2018

Smooth Move of the Week

On Wednesday, I pulled a good one.  Alex and I were biking across town for his guitar lesson when I managed to crash my bike.  I'm sure you've heard other people's stories where they hit a car, crashed into a curb or got their tire stuck in a streetcar track.  My story's even better.  I managed to crash over the air.  I literally hit nothing.

A bit more details are in order, for sure.  While I can't be 100% certain, I think what happened was this:  while riding, I saw my neighbor's kid and wanted to say hi.  That meant I slammed on my brakes to slow down and I think I just shifted my weight forward causing the bike to stop and me to keep going.

Next thing I know I'm heading over the handlebars and thinking "this is going to be painful".  I then crashed into the ground (shoulder first), hit my head (in my helmet) on the ground and then crashed into my side.  The result was bruised ribs, road rash on my shoulder/arms/knee/foot and a serious bruise to my ego.

Fortunately I was wearing a helmet so I'm only living with painful ribs and not a concussion.  I will heal and live to bike again.  The bike also survived the encounter more or less unscathed.  The handlebars do have a bit of road rash too and I need to adjust a few things.

My only real hope now is that I heal sooner than later .. and that someone happened to get that on video.  I'd love to watch me bounce off the air like a moron.  Bonus points if they have it in slow motion.