Monday, March 15, 2010

HD HomeRun

Was checking my newsfeeds on Sunday and happened to see that Newegg was selling a Silicon Dust HD HomeRun networked digital TV tuner for $75 (or $25 off the regular price).  I’ve been thinking of getting one of these for quite some time, so … what the heck, right?

For those of you not familiar, the HD HomeRun is just a simple TV tuner that connects to your home network.  Then, with the right software or hardware, it’ll let you watch live TV on your computer (or your TV …. wait …)  In addition, you can get software that’ll work like a DVR (or TiVo).  I’m hoping to use this to record live TV and then have it automatically converted to AppleTV format so I can watch if whenever I want to.

Ok, I could have gotten a TiVo and done the same thing, but with this solution, I get to keep the files and copy them to whatever device I want, like my AppleTV or an iPod.  Plus, I’m a nerd, so getting something like this to function and do what I really want it to do is a challenge and fun to boot.@

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