Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Another Bucket List Item

I’ve put together a list of items I hope to accomplish before we leave for Romania.  As a music guy, of course that includes a list of bands and concerts I’d love to see before I go.  I just received a notification that one of the bands, OK Go, is coming to Baltimore in June!

In case you who don’t know, OK Go is an incredible band that rose to fame through their now infamous dancing treadmill video for Here We Go Again.  I found them through other means when they chose to go their own way and publish music as an independent artist instead of through a major label.  I’ve since grown to love their music and appreciate their artistry.  Below is their most recent video.  It’s worth checking out and I’d also recommend watching the making of videos.

For reference, here’s the list of shows I’m hoping to see before I leave:

For those interested, I have a history with Darlingside and Jamie Kent (albeit a bit loose … cue Weird Al Yankovic’s Lame Claim to Fame) in that they toured together back in 2012.  One stop they made was Ebenezers Coffeehouse here in DC.  I was front of house for that show, so now I can be “that guy” who hollers “I knew them when …”.

On another subject, we do get to go see Empire of the Sun at Echostage as well and that should be a fun show too.  I also got to see Save Ferris a month or so ago at the Black Cat.

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