Tuesday, October 24, 2017

New Movies Anywhere Service

Thought I’d throw this tidbit out to anyone interested.  The big movie studios just created a new (almost) industry wide movie service based on Disney’s successful Disney Movies Anywhere service.  It’s nice because it aggregates all your purchases from Amazon, Google, Apple and Vudu into a single account and ensures you can watch those movies you’ve purchased in any of the above accounts.  I just signed up and now I can watch movies I purchased on Vudu (specifically using its DVD conversion process) on my Amazon Echo Show, on my iPad via the built-in TV app and my Roku using Google Play or the Movies Anywhere app.

This almost makes me willing to purchase more movies in “digital” format.  (The pedantic in me wants to point out that DVD and BluRay are technically digital in that the discs contain a digital version of the movie, but I digress)

Here’s more detailed coverage on Ars Technica and a link to the service itself.

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