Friday, February 08, 2008

More Mindy ...

So, I guess I was wrong. Turns out the issue wasn't what I thought it was. It appears that it may be unrelated to the 3ware card after all. Brought everything back up this morning and I was still seeing the problem (sigh). So, I dug into the VMware community forums (gotta live the whole interweb community thing) and found this thread: Apparently the problem could be a slight change in the 2.6.20 kernel used in Ubuntu 7.10. Some people were reporting the same issue I'm seeing (intermittent freezing of the VMs). Their response was it could be the new "tickless" kernel setting in Ubuntu 7.10. So, I've edited the Grub configuration and added a new configuration for "nohz=off" to the kernel line. Hopefully that'll help. If not, I may have to revert to Ubuntu 6.06LTS. Sigh.

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